Domestica is one of the first projects of serious branding and market positioning of domestic agricultural product in BiH. It is an agrucultural brand of a proven, healthy and homemade apple of controlled origin, produced according to the principles of organic production, in exclusive, innovative packaging that guarantees maximum hygiene, freshness and quality of products.

The peculiarity and main feature of this project is the joint appearance of manufacturers on the market, under the auspices of a strong, attractive, charismatic and sought after local brand, with each individual manufacturer known / visible to the end customer.

The first step in the digital promotion of this brand, was the creation and branding of pages on social networks, specifically Facebook and Instagram. First, the graphic materials needed for profile and cover photos, as well as for promotional announcements / content on Domestica pages, were made.

The focus was on marketing a story about a homemade, healthy product, a quality alternative to an imported, sprayed apple full of unhealthy and harmful substances. The constant emphasis has been on the fact that behind the brand are co-operatives / families, neighbors from rural areas of the area where the product is sold, and that the domestic economy is supported by the purchase of Domestica products.

In order to convey the above message clearly and graphically to the potential customer, we hired young brand promoters and toddlers like Una from Banja Luka and, with the help of a professional photographer, designed and created photographs that evoked emotion for the customer, impressed and successfully presented the story behind brand.

Social media came to the fore and great attention was paid to creating and releasing content on a daily basis, promoting and increasing the number of followers on Domestica's Facebook page, thus increasing the brand's value and recognition in the local market every day.

We started with introductory announcements regarding the brand itself, its purpose and story, which we promoted to people in the geographical area from which the brand or product comes. This target group was the best choice for the initial wave of promotion as they had the highest response to the promoted content. With the help of this target group we have built a very important initial amount of followers, which is much easier to enlarge later and the process becomes somewhat automated.

Then we gradually began to introduce promotional announcements with specific products, information about brand presentations / promotions, availability and pricing. Each post was specifically designed and had its own target audience. The site started to grow rapidly, but that was not enough, it needed to create a viral story, engage the media and prepare the market before entering the brand in supermarkets.

Of course, we did not have the budget to spend on expensive promotions in the media and pay for promotional texts on various portals. So we came up with the idea to put a story on the Domestica page that would appeal to journalists and columnists and get them to share that story with their audience.

We have designed a series of posts / stories that fit into the standard story formats that journalists, or the media, share. It was the story of the success of a small domestic project, the cooperative cooperation of producers / families, the transformation of ideas into action and the incredibly positive reaction of the market to the presentation of the brand.

We specifically promoted these posts to journalists, editors, and media people (yes, there is this kind of audience choice in Facebook's ad settings), in order to present themselves in a non-invasive way, and to reach them in some way. with the intention of sharing our story with their audience.

A few days after the start of the promotion, the phone started ringing, the journalists were calling from various media companies with questions about whether they could do a report, story or interview for their columns, shows and programs.

The result turned out to be far better than expected. A Facebook campaign that cost about twenty dollars resulted in a promotion worth tens of thousands of BAMs! RTRS, ATV, BN, MONDO, BUY HOME CITY OF BIH, are just some of the media / portals that shared the story of the Domestica brand. Also, reports and reports for shows such as "Fruits of Labor" on RTRS were made.

Also, we participated, supported and digitally promoted the campaign: “Feeding our children healthy”, in which children in all kindergartens across the Banja Luka region were given Domestica “Healthy Packages”, followed by a mini lecture on the importance of local and healthy products, especially fruits and apple.

Today, Domestica is a well-known and wide spread brand that includes various organic vegetables grown in greenhouses in the wider Banja Luka area. The Facebook page has thousands of very active followers who regularly interact with posts on the page. Currently, the site is run by Domestica team members who we have trained and let them continue to successfully promote and maintain the site.