FAP is a skilled workforce recruitment agency that today employs workers across Europe and collaborates with partner employers across Europe, such as Samsung, Ikea, Mercedes, Jasplastik, Medical Glass and others.

However, at the beginning the situation was much different. In the first three months, they sent only one bus with workers.

The problem was the wrong approach when advertising. Like any other company, they spent budget on billboards, newspapers and other traditional forms of advertising. Now imagine how much can it all cost when done at the state level. Yes, quite a large amount of money was spent and with almost no result.

They decided to shift their strategy and focus to digital advertising. We were contacted and asked to help them with a serious marketing strategy focused on digital advertising, and especially promotion through social networks.

We created a strategy, a budget (10 times smaller than the previous one) and started implementing the activities.

The first thing on the priority list was the creation of a new website, which would be ready to take a large number of visitors and provide all the necessary information to interested workers. Also, the website had to be extremely easy to navigate and use, so that people of all ages and educational groups could easily use it and find all the information they needed.

After a few days of work, a new FAP website was created, which you can view by clicking the link: or by clicking the graphic below.

The second and most important thing on the list was the creation and branding of a new Facebook page called FAP BIH. Then, creating graphic and textual content for ads and sponsored posts.

The most important thing we kept our focus on when creating the fb site was to inspire a sense of security and confidence in the visitors. The reason was that the site started from scratch, and in such conditions it is quite a challenge, especially when you ask people to go to work for another country for a few months.

We focused on original graphic content. Photos and collages of photos of Fap agency staff, existing workers sent by the agency, photos of bus, people going to work and factory workers. Anything that could have given the visitors a sense of confidence in the agency.

Also, we did professional cover graphic, which aims to make an impression of professionalism and competence with visitors and potential employees.

As a result of the implemented activities, we have met our goals and the new FAP BIH site has grown at an incredible rate, with over 150 messages of interest on a daily basis.

The agency's Facebook page has grown to close to 6,000 followers in less than two months and you can view it by clicking on FAP BIH

Each post on the page was made separately and had its own target audience. The focus was on strong and attractive honey graphics and on specific packages or product offerings. Sales through the Facebook page for sending packages to the address of the customer were forced.

The result of the activities carried out exceeded all our client's expectations. In less than two months, we have increased the number of applications 10 times, and the promotion budget has been reduced by the same amount, which is getting smaller every day as the site grows.

Currently, the focus is on well-designed and graphically-prepared posts that are sponsored in advance of new departures and through which most new submissions occur.

The most important thing when advertising on social networks is knowing who your target group is, knowing how to reach them and gain their trust. If you succeed, everything else comes by itself.

But don't worry, if you don't know, don't have the time or think you're not getting the results you want, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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