Honey brand "Med Medeni" is one of the newer projects that is still in the initial phase of branding and presentation to the BIH market. It is a domestic honey, followed by over 140 producers / cooperatives who have decided to market their products under one brand.

The project was developed in collaboration with local and foreign experts, and honey is the result of years of refinement and an improved ripening process, which gives it a special taste and thus differentiates it in the market.

They approached us for assistance in branding and digital brand promotion in BiH. The goal of the producer was to make the majority of honey sales through their own promotion channels, mostly Facebook page, so that they do not depend entirely on the super markets.

Also, selling through their own channels drastically lowers their sales costs, as well as their cash flow time.

As always, we started developing a digital promotion strategy and preparing quality and compelling graphic materials for the campaign.

The company "Kosnica" Gradiska under whose roof this project is being implemented, already had an existing Facebook page, which we modernized, updated with new graphic materials and prepared for the start of the promotion.

Also, we have upgraded their old logo that fits in with the rest of the graphics and the brand itself.

Each post on the page was made separately and had its own target audience. The focus was on strong and attractive honey graphics and on specific packages or product offerings. Sales through the Facebook page for sending packages to the address of the customer were forced.

Also, as an indispensable part of digital promotion, there were also sweepstakes that proved to be a perfect hit to reach new followers and customers. Prize-winning symbolic values ​​were shared, most importantly the products of the "Kosnica" and the brand "Med Medeni".

Each product, each honey has been individually promoted with a focus on the positive health effects.

So honey by itself was not as much of a marketing / textual focus of the announcements as it was of its effects on customer health, which is the main reason for buying honey. This strategy proved to be a full hit.

Digital campaigns running in the eastern and southeastern parts of BiH had far greater effect and a great result (product sales) than other parts of BiH. Thus, a specific target group was discovered, which was not available until the beginning of digital promotion and now forms the majority of customers.

Within a few months of digital promotion, over 250 people contacted us via the page, most of questions were about orders and product questions.

Every day more and more orders arrive in page, and the page itself grows exponentially. There are currently around 4,600 followers and that number is increasing every day.

Building your own sales channel is a far better option than using traditional ones for food brands that are just starting out, as they have direct contact with the customer, reduce sales costs and shorten the time of cahs flow, which is very important to anyone in the process of building and brand positioning in the market.