Social networks are certainly one of the most profitable channels of promotion right now. Huge number of leads in one place, which you can segment by incredibly detailed information and interests, all at five times the cost of advertising compared to traditional promotion channels.

Also, social network users still have a lot of interest when it comes to advertising and respond much better to promotional material. If your ads are subtle and tailored to the expectations of users of a given social platform, then you can expect incredible results.

Let's move on to the information you came for. How did we reached half a million potential customers in BiH, with the help of Facebook and without a single cent spent on promotion.

For the purposes of SIMPO BIH, one of our clients who recognized the power of social networking, we needed to design and implement a sweepstakes that would only be played through social networks.

Our goal was to reach as much people as possible, at a lower cost. To do this, we have to design a viral game that will be shared and commented on by a large number of people. We opted for Facebook because it is still the best choice when it comes to reach and virality. Knowing that quizzes and logic games are the most shared on Fb, we decided that the sweepstakes should be of this format.

After a few hours of brainstorming, we came up with the ideal solution. Simpo quiz game was created - guess the number and the voucher is yours.

The game is seemingly simple and interesting enough to get people to play and try their luck. The reward was a $450 voucher that could be redeemed at will in any Simpo salon. The terms are simple, guess the number, share the post, follow the page and tag 5 friends in comments so they can play too.

The sweepstakes lasted 10 days and became one of the most viral non promoted posts in BiH. In just 2 days, 5,000 people left a comment below the post. Half a million people saw the game and 70,000 clicked on it. The number of comments exceeded 11,000.

Thousands of people have browsed the site and hundreds have answered questions about buying furniture. The number of people in the salons tripled that week, and all that with a $450 gift voucher and a creative team that designed everything.

At Simpo they were pleased with the results of the sweepstakes and immediately began planning their next sweepstakes.

Also, another good thing happened. Due to the huge traffic to the Simpo site, the facebook page rating has increased, and therefore the reach of daily posts.

As a result, we have halved our sponsorship costs by 30%.

Social networks can be a real pot of gold for your business, of course if you know how to use their potential. But if you do not know, do not have the time for it or think you are not getting the results you want, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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