Video Production For Corporations

Corporations and large business systems require a far more professional and serious approach when creating a promotional videos. We cover everything from the hiring of producers, extras and actors to film equipment for filming.

Promotional Video Production

We offer the creation of quality and creative promotional presentations, or advertisements for your company or brand, which can be used on both traditional and digital promotion channels.

Video & Event Promotion

We create modern and professional video promotions of events, performances and other events that catch the attention of the viewer. We use modern equipment and hire professional cameramen with many years of experience.

Creating Music & TV Videos

We are able to realize the most demanding projects of music video production. We cover everything from hiring a screenwriter, producer, makeup artist, master of light, to HD go pro cameras and drones.

We offer three video production packages:


great for promoting events
  • HD Camera
  • Statements
  • Narration
  • Producer
  • Professional Camerman
  • Editing Proffesional


adapted for the production of music videos
  • Business Package
  • Movie Camera
  • Actors and extras
  • Boom Operator
  • Gaffer
  • Screenwriter
  • Makeup Artist

Did you know that an astounding 79% of online users watch videos every day? Video marketing can be an extremely effective channel for your promotion. Doing so gives your company a voice and a face, and is a very powerfull channel for promoting your website. Serious companies are increasingly using video production and animations to represent their business or service.

Digital PR offers professional video and audio services to its clients, such as TV commercials, PR articles, videos, animations and short documentaries ...

Our video and audio production includes professional film recording, HD and Go pro cameras, a drone and studio editing services. Depending on the complexity of video production, we can hire actors, extras, directors, makeup artists, lighting experts, boom perators, screenwriters, presenters, speakers, and more as needed. We can offer you all types of production for any budget.