Modern & Clean Design

We combine simple and beautiful design with superior coding and an outstanding service. We have the experience and expertise to successfully meet Your needs and create a unique, breathtaking web site.

Outstanding Support

Creating a website does not end our cooperation. Namely, depending on the package, we provide up to 12 months of support, which covers everything from regular maintenance and updating of the page to minor visual and content changes on the page.

Quick Development Process

Creating the initial version depends on the complexity of the project, and the average is 14 days. This is followed by a maximum of 7 days for a series of changes to the final functional and professional website.

Responsiveness and SEO Optimization

Responsiveness comes first, we customize the website for viewing from all devices. We optimize pages as they are made, so that search engines like Google favor them over competing pages of similar content.

We offer three web development packages:


package for beginners
  • Responsive Design
  • Up to 6 Menus
  • Stylish and Clean Look
  • Google Optimization (SEO)
  • 3 Months Of Support (24/7)


package for leaders
$1.990 20% popusta do kraja maja!
  • Business Package
  • Breathtaking Design
  • User Login / Registration
  • 12 Months Of Support (24/7)
  • Free Hosting for 24 Months
  • Digital Shopping Cart Store
  • Installation of Internet Payments

The thing is that your business really needs a website in today's modern business world. We at Digital PR have a complete solution ready to digitize your business. This process is fast, accessible and most importantly completely free of additional interventions on your part once it becomes alive.

We keep the site live and functional, checking and securing it every week for viruses and attacks, by daily malware scanning. Our friendly support team is just one call or mail from you, ready to help if you ever get stuck or need help.