Agroplus Prijedor is today a leader in the field of agricultural raw materials in the RS. They offer fertilizers, animal feed, protective equipment, seedlings and offer free and professional advice to all their clients and customers.

All this is the result of well-conceived and applied digital marketing and branding. However, at the beginning everything was not so great. The company had problems with difficult communication and how to reach new customers in the wider rural area of ​​Prijedor. As with the popularization of the French fodder brand Sanders, which the company represents and distributes throughout BiH.

So, while they had great products on offer and Europe's leading supplier companies, there was simply no way to spread that information successfully and quickly enough to reach potential customers / customers. Then they decided to contact us and ask for help because they saw the solution to their problem in successful digital marketing.

We first created a digital promotion strategy and then started branding. We designed new, modern Agroplus logo, that is consistent with the brand itself. After that, we went on to create a website and, of course, create a Facebook page of the brand to get everything ready for the digital campaign.

Creating a modern and fully responsive website with the ability to quickly view the available products on offer was not an easy task given the huge number of products available on Agroplus.

The main task we did was to make an easy way of getting to the desired information, ordering products and consulting with the Agroplus experts, with as few clicks and unnecessary loads as possible. We have opted for a clean and modern website style with plenty of graphic material and clear product segmentation.

Then came the development of graphic and textual materials for promotion on Facebook through the new Agroplus page.

After the site was established, we started posting and promoting it. Each post had its own target audience, tailored to the content of the post.

The posts were mostly of a promotional nature, with specific offers of products or services. Strong saturation-enhanced graphics were used to get attention at a glance. Below is an example announcement for a fruit seedling package.

This type of announcement has proven to be a very effective way of promoting / selling products and services. Also, the site started to grow rapidly and the number of followers increased every day. With a monthly promotion budget around $100, amazing results have been made.

In 2 months of promotion, with such a small budget for sponsoring posts, the number of page followers increased from 90 to 900, a tenfold increase, which is a great result given that it is a page of a company that has a very specific niche market and customers who are not your typical social media users.

Agroplus Facebook page is one of the leading and largest pages of its industry today with a rounded marketing story and modern, striking design.